Dash Divider by
Jeroen van Leur & Mae Engelgeer

Jeroen van Leur and Mae Engelgeer frequently present their designs together: mixing and complementing each others work. For the Salone del Mobile 2014 they joined forces and created a product together, taking best out of both worlds.

Their different approaches to the design process and use of material come together naturally in the room divider: Jeroens functional, logical and minimalistic construction with Mae’s striking color palettes and tactile, graphic textile designs.

The result is a modular room divider made out of Ash wood combined with woven fabrics to either give shelter or just to divide a space. The hinge is integrated into the wooden frame, it works aesthetically and is easy in use. The fabric is developed at the TextileLab in The Netherlands.

The Dash Divider has two versions. One with thick fabric made out of 100% mohair named Dash divider bold. One with thinner fabric made out of cotton and linen yarns named Dash divider light.