Chroma Traces

Wall panels
96 x 125 cm
Igusa straw, cotton, wood
Unique pieces

A material and color research project made from waste woven igusa straw tatami tops that were discarded during renewal of the flooring after years of use in temples and homes in Kyoto, Japan. 5 waste igusa pieces with diffused colors are the outcome of a hand dye process with natural dye like Rubia Tinctorem, madder and indigo. Several combinations and baths we needed to conceive these specific hues and intensity of colour. Throughout this process old traces were exposed and past times revealed itself. These marks are uncontrolled, unique and give character and life to each piece. Folded in a two tone order by using front and backsides of the material gives a clear and simple graphic visual to these colour nuance wall pieces.

images by N/J Studio