Table linen

Inspired by the museum’s own collection and the Bauhaus movement, ERA is created to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus. A modern table linen collection woven on digital looms in the TextielLab. Made for the by TextielMuseum label, the collection features an interplay of strong, graphic lines in subtle colours, woven into a rich structure. We translated classic Bauhaus principles into a contemporary product, using our own signature palette, contrasting harmonious colour combinations with bright accents. While the Bauhaus weaving department was known for incorporating new, glossy yarns such as copper and cellophane, we worked with a combination of viscose and polyester, creating a subtle sheen in her ERA table linen. The table linen also features a wide array of structures. This is achieved by incorporating multiple bindings in a single textile, which is technically very challenging.

Images Floor Knaapen